Vision :

To transform District 102 into being the No. 1 Toastmasters District in the World by 2020

Strategy or Mission

A: Term 2016-2019

  1. To achieve a minimum net annual club growth and membership growth of 10%;
  2. To improve on membership retention through the intensification of the speech-craft programme.
  3. To increase average members’ word-power by 500%

B: Term 2017-2019

  1. To attain 10% increase in education and leadership category awards.
  2. Improve  certain members’ speech accuracy and fluency through extraneous language classes.(subject to TI’s approval)

C: Term 2018-2019

  1. To marshall and consolidate the combined impacts of Terms (A) and (B), making District 102 the No. 1 District in the World.